The South African Journal of Communication Disorders (SAJCD) is concerned with research, and critically evaluative theoretical, philosophical and conceptual issues dealing with aspects of human communication and its disorders, dysphagia, service provision, training and policy. View our Editorial Team.

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Erratum: Why do people who stutter attend stuttering support groups?  
Nicola E. Bloye, Shabnam S. Abdoola, Casey J. Eslick
22 March 2024

Original Research

Communicative practices and perceptions towards stuttering people in South Africa  
Rockie Sibanda, Tlou C. Mothapo
22 March 2024

Original Research

Help-seeking journey to accessing audiology services in a peri-urban community in South Africa  
Thobekile K. Mtimkulu, Katijah Khoza-Shangase
20 March 2024

Opinion Paper

A call for linguistic and culturally congruent family-centred early hearing detection and intervention programmes in South Africa  
Ntsako P. Maluleke
19 March 2024

Original Research

Who really decides? Feeding decisions ‘made’ by caregivers of children with cerebral palsy  
Lavanya Naidoo, Mershen Pillay, Urisha Naidoo
18 March 2024

Original Research

Swallowing and feeding of young children on high-flow oxygen therapy  
Ruhee Hoosain, Bhavani Pillay, Shabnam Abdoola, Marien A. Graham, Esedra Krüger
02 March 2024

Original Research

Enhanced Milieu Teaching in resource-constrained settings: Stakeholder-informed adaptation guidelines  
Chevonne D. du Plessis, Lauren H. Hampton, Michal Harty
21 February 2024

Original Research

Outcomes and device use in children with bone-conduction hearing devices in South Africa  
Chéri van Zyl, Christine Rogers, Silva Kuschke
19 February 2024

Original Research

Exploring quality of life post sudden onset hearing loss: A convergent parallel approach  
Liepollo Ntlhakana, Sabeehah Hamid
16 February 2024

Original Research

Tube feeding in advanced dementia: Insights from South African speech-language therapists  
Danette Pullen, Bhavani S. Pillay, Esedra Krüger
12 February 2024
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